Are you about that binging life? Do you need something new to watch? Hate having to wait week to week for new show episodes?

Today, check out Crackle “The Oath” star Cory Hardict‘s top five reasons you should watch his new series for free right now!

Reason 1: Star-Studded

The first reason you should watch “The Oath” is because of the star-studded cast. You have Sean Bean from “Game of Thrones,” Ryan Kwanten from “True Blood” and myself who has been in like 100 movies. You also have Katrina Law who has been in “Arrow” and “Spartacus” and J.J. Soria plus Arlen Escapeta. [CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE OATH ON CRACKLE!]

Reason 2: One of One

You’re not going to get this type of cast with this type of script anywhere else. We have show runner Joe Halpin on here who is a former cop and worked in the force and this is loosely based on his life. [CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE OATH ON CRACKLE!]

Reason 3: World’s Ready

The world wants to see reality. The world wants to see real, in your face drama of things that really happened. [CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE OATH ON CRACKLE!]

Reason 4: 50 Cent-Approved

50 Cent. He’s not putting his name on anything wack. He’s a great producer and he’s fully behind this show. He was a pleasure to work with. You saw what 50 Cent did with “Power” now see what he’s doing with this. I have to give a huge shout-out to 50 Cent because he had to approve this show to happen. He’s an amazing creator to work for. [CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE OATH ON CRACKLE!]

Reason 5: Crackle It Open

I really believe this is going to be the biggest show of 2018. That’s why you should watch “The Oath.” This show feels like 10 gritty, drama-filled movies. With Crackle, you can really, really sit back and say, “Wow.” This is a great network. I feel like Crackle – and it’s nothing against the others – they gave us the freedom to explore that dangerous side of society. That’s what really made me want to do this show. I knew if I was going to go to TV, it had to be something raw and dirty like “The Oath.” Crackle brought that out. They gave us all the freedom. They let us go about it the right way. That’s what makes for a great show and that’s what everybody gets. [CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE OATH ON CRACKLE!]