Country sensation Taylor Swift recently delved into her love for the hip-hop culture and why her next solo album could likely be influenced by the urban genre.

While talking playfully, Swift hinted at what emcee skills should could possibly hone.

In fact, when she sat down with MTV News on Thursday (August 30), she shared that while singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran and another mysterious band appear on her October 22 release, Red, she didn’t call in any favors from her roster of rappers to lay down any verses on the album. “I think the next one will be my hip-hop influenced one,” she laughed. “Maybe I’ll just start rapping or DJing. I love hip hop, I love rap so much. So much.” (RapFix)

Last fall, Swift surprised Houston, Texas fans by bringing out rap star Nelly at one of her concerts.

After topping the charts with Tim McGraw (“Over and Over”) in 2004, Nelly linked up with another one of country’s biggest stars. The St. Louis rapper performed his hit “Just a Dream” with Taylor Swift at her “Speak Now” concert at Minute Maid Park in Houston last night. “Our last stadium show of the tour- Houston, Texas!! Singing ‘Just A Dream’ with Nelly was a serious lifetime highlight. Fantastic night,” tweeted the country sweetheart, who regularly covers the song on tour. (Rap-Up)

In October 2011, Taylor opened up about her love for hip-hop despite country roots.

“I’m a huge hip-hop fan, and it’s been so amazing to have so many incredible artists come out and to get to sing the hooks on their songs that I’ve been blasting in my car for the last couple years,” Swift explained in an interview. “It’s been awesome. I couldn’t have asked for more amazing special guests on this tour, and we’re not finished yet.” (MTV)

No stranger to hip-hop, the country star showed off her admiration for the genre last summer.

Even if Eminem’s lyrics are saying something like “I love you,” he raps it in such an angry way that any affection is pretty lost. That’s the way Eminem is, we know, but sometimes we would like to hear a softer side to his songs–and now we can! Cutie-patootie Taylor Swift decided to take out her inner thug and cover the hit song “Lose Yourself” during her show in Grand Rapids, Mich., but the gangster vibe didn’t really last… T.Swift punctuated her performance with a random “Yo!” here and there, but that’s about as street as the country crooner can get. Still, Taylor strumming her guitar as she half-raps, half-sings the lyrics is an adorable sight to see. It’s also probably the nicest Eminem song we’ll ever hear. (E! Online)