R&B singer Chris Brown‘s chances of landing back behind bars at the hands of his rape accuser are slim to none. New reports claim law enforcement found the unnamed woman’s story “impossible” to believe.

According to reports, the weakest part of the legal situation is the alleged victim’s police statement.

We’re told she told cops that Chris raped her in his hotel suite dressing room for somewhere between 25 and 30 minutes. She says she then went into another room and was raped again, this time by one of Brown’s friends. And then, she said she was “abused” for a third time in another room. We’re told police believe the story doesn’t hold water because she never attempted to leave or alert anyone of the 20 or so people who were in the living room. Right or wrong, we’re told that’s why cops made the decision to release Brown without any conditions, including surrendering his passport. A source close to Brown says police actually apologized to Brown when they let him go. (TMZ)

On Tuesday, rap star T.I. demanded justice for Brown following his initial bust on a rape accusation.

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The same day, Paris law enforcement released Chris without any charges despite getting accused of sexual assault.

US singer Chris Brown has been released without charge in Paris after being questioned on suspicion of rape, French police say. An investigation into the alleged incident is continuing, the Paris prosecutor’s office said. Brown’s lawyer, Raphael Chiche, said the R&B singer “energetically” professed his innocence and intended to sue for defamation. (BBC)

A few hours prior, Brown professed his innocence in an Instagram post.

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