With his new “Bottle Girls” anthem buzzing across music outlets, SOHH hit up rap veteran Consequence to find out if a music video will possibly complement the sizzling lyrics. #HotNReady

Without hesitation, the Cons said men and women alike should anticipate seeing a steamy visual sooner than later.

“For the sake of all men who have 20/20 vision and for those who wear contacts and glasses, the music video is necessary. I’m actually going to talk to a few directors and start brainstorming.” (SOHH)

Along with the video, Cons revealed plans to hold a press conference for himself and some of the women he mentioned on “Bottle Girls.”

“I have a few ideas and I talked to a few of the girls already about a music video as well, so that’s definitely something I’m thinking about. Everyone should be on the lookout for that. We’re going to also be having a press event soon with the girls and having a Q&A where they can talk about what it is they do and their job and how they have become so popular on social media. As bad as these ladies are, I definitely could see people wanting to fund something like a music video for this. Beauty is something you can be magnetized by.” (SOHH)

The New York native unreleashed his latest music gem to the masses earlier this month.

The track finds Cons linking up with Charisse Mills and Company of Greatness for the track, unleashing something rather addictive and catchy to say the least. Consequence shows off his lyrical prowess while Charisse and Company of Greatness do their thing as well, combining for something rather dope. (Stupid Dope)

Last month, Cons revealed he had reached a truce with one-time music foe Joe Budden.

“What a difference a year makes,” the former G.O.O.D. Music artist tells Hip-Hop Wired. “The feud is simply over. We mutually squashed it all at Starlets. It was an impromptu encounter and it did start with a stare down, but we concluded it with a man to man talk. Nothing but ‘G Sh*t!” The “Starlets” he is referring to is Starlets Gentlemen’s Club, located at 25th Ave in Queens. (HHW)


Check out “Bottle Girls”: