[After recently putting out his new “Bottle Girls” anthem, rap veteran Consequence tells SOHH readers why he is not rushing back his music return by throwing up a free or studio release.]

I’m going to put a body of work together but I just wanted to do something for people that are fans of what I do. My career has been a story and my number one goal is to service those who appreciate what I do.

I want to make it as creative as possible for them as far as what concept I give out. I don’t want to be in the situation where it’s like, ‘Oh, I need a radio song.’ It’s not really that exercise. I’m not really looking to become famous because people who know me, know me.

There’s always higher ceilings, of course, but I’m not in the same position as maybe a newer artist or even an older vet. I’m kinda at that door because of my TV travels and because of being able to write hit records or be on records that have fanfare, it just puts me in a spot where I can just be Consequence.

Of course I would like to put out a few bodies of work this year. I want to come back out and make sh*t that’ll have people saying, “I really like that sh*t. That’s for me!”

I made “Bottle Girls” for guys who frequent these arenas. I want them to be like, “You hit it right on the head. That’s how I feel about these ladies too.”

Check out “Bottle Girls”: