UFC superstar Conor McGregor‘s loving the attention. The MMA fighter has soaked in the attention and aftermath of yesterday’s epic Floyd Mayweather Jr. press conference.

Early Wednesday (July 12), McGregor lit up Instagram with some shots from the unforgettable first face-off.

A few hours ago, New York rapper 50 Cent reacted to Floyd’s hilarious press conference comments.


Prior to the conference, Conor McGregor clowned Floyd’s publicized tax problems.

“That’s gotta sting, that’s gotta sting, right? … I don’t give a f*ck what he did,” McGregor said when asked if Mayweather took the fight to pay the IRS. “I don’t care what he doing. He should have stayed retired. He’s f*cked now. He should have paid his taxes and stayed retired.” (TMZ)

Early Tuesday, Floyd jumped on Instagram to address his headline-generating tax drama.