UFC superstar Conor McGregor still can’t get away from the world’s fascination with last weekend’s epic fight. New details have surfaced about the Notorious McGregor almost hitting the boxing ring without protection.

According to reports, McGregor forgot to strap up below the belt before facing off with opponent Floyd Mayweather Jr.

There was a mad scramble to protect Conor McGregor’s genitals in the minutes before the Mayweather fight … when he realized he left his protective cup at home! Conor had just had his hands wrapped — while still wearing his pimped out suit — when he realized he was missing his custom jockstrap/cup combo and his mouthpiece. He immediately remembered he left ’em both at his Vegas home and sent one of his team members racing out of the T-Mobile Arena to retrieve his junk protection, ASAP. (TMZ)

Early Saturday, Floyd’s longtime pal 50 Cent clowned McGregor over his epic loss.

This week, McGregor issued a statement on losing to boxing icon Floyd Mayweather Jr. last weekend.

reflected on their historic weekend fight.

A few days ago, Hollywood actor O’Shea Jackson showed his support for McGregor.