UFC superstar Conor McGregor has some real beef on his hands these days – literally. The MMA fighter has trolled his competition from Floyd Mayweather Jr. to Nate Diaz in a new Burger King campaign.

McGregor went to Instagram Monday (March 5) to hilariously flex his new partnership with the fast food franchise.

Recently, Conor went to his Instagram page and appeared to suggest Floyd would never fight in the UFC.

Last month, Mayweather tossed up a fake pic of himself banging up McGregor MMA-style.

The 40-year-old retired boxing legend has been teasing fight fans in recent weeks with non too subtle suggestions that he is considering a foray into the Octagon, but his recent social media post may have graphically illustrated his intentions. The post leaves little to the imagination as it shows an image headlined “Certified Killa vs Certified B***h”, which depicts Mayweather inflicting horrific damage on his arch rival Conor McGregor in a fight that is clearly being conducted under MMA rules. (Give Me Sport)

Certified Killa vs Certified Bitch

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