Compton’s Most Wanted made legendary music for years so when I booked Tha Chill to come on the “Murder Master Music Show” I knew we would be getting some dope early West Coast history and we did. He spoke about how CMW was actually close to signing with Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records as well as ending a long time feud with DJ Quik. Check out some of the dope moments below.

1. Eazy-E wanted to sign Compton’s Most Wanted

He (Eazy-E) was like “Man, I like ya’ll n*ggas but ya’ll sound just like EPMD, I love ya’ll but you need to go to the studio and make some songs.” He really wanted to get down with us but he really didn’t have the time, and remember me and Eiht was like 16 years old at the time, so he was like “I’mma put all this stuff out then imma get wit you, I wanna do some stuff!” and then I said “Man, we gonna be old by the time you get to put our record out!” and Eazy said “You just need to go back to the studio and do some more records.” And Ren just kept pushing us and told us to keep doing records. We eventually met Slip and that’s how we put out those classic records, and we didn’t have to go through Eazy!

2. Squashing the long time beef with DJ Quik

We from Compton so either you are Piru or you are a Crip! There ain’t too many non-affiliates in Compton so you are a product of your environment. You never get to know a dude because of our environment. With that beef it was good for Hip Hop because nobody got hurt. After the smoke cleared and after people was dying off and going to jail, we was actually able to meet. I think they met a couple times on their own I think through Snoop. When we finally sat down in a room it was just me and him, nobody, just us a bag of weed and a bottle. He was playing tracks and I was playing tracks back and forth. I respect his craft! That beef was good for hip-hop but it wasn’t a good look on our city. I look forward to working with him more and I respect his craft.

3. Early days of Compton’s Most Wanted

We was just young B-Boys. MC Ren stayed across the street from me and recognized the hip-hop in me and he introduced me to Eazy. Eventually we met Lonzo and DJ Slip and they was doing the Compton Compilation and they let us get down on it with the first song Rhymes to Funky and that was the first song I ever did in the studio. That song was one of the stand out songs on there that struck us a deal with Unknown.

4. On becoming a producer

I always had an interest in beats so I was always off into it. I started getting more serious and Ren gave me a shot with his album Ruthless For Life. I took a hiatus on rappin’ and just did the production. I did two cuts on the 213 album and from that Redman reached out and that is when I really started taking it serious.

5. DJ Premier and MC Eiht working together

We are friends and if people pay attention to the legacy of Gangstarr and Compton’s Most Wanted we came out the same year so we were all touring. We had a cool a** friendship! Those were our dudes. I think it was a no brainer for DJ Premier and MC Eiht to get it in. We class of 1989!

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