G.O.O.D. Music’s Common recently showed off his nerd side after weighing in on Marvel Comics deciding to create an African American version of its iconic Captain America superhero. #uncommon

Common applauded Marvel’s decision to switch things up and change up Capt. America’s ethnicity.

Common tells TMZ … he applauds Marvel’s decision to have a Black Cap, calling it “a beautiful thing.” Marvel announced Wednesday The Falcon — aka Sam Wilson — will become Capt. America in the comic book series. Common may still be smarting from 2008 … when he was cast to play Green Lantern in a movie that fell apart during the Hollywood writer’s strike. He says he’d STILL love to play the part. As for Captain America … Marvel says The Falcon will appear as Cap only in the comic books … not in the movies. (TMZ)

Last year, rap star Eminem graced the cover of Marvel Comics’ Mighty Avengers #3 issue alongside superhero Iron Man.

Unlike Drake, Eminem isn’t worried about following the trend of “no new friends” in 2013. As such, the Detroit rapper teams up with Iron Man and Marvel Comics for the Mighty Avengers #3 variant cover. It’s designed by Salvador Larroca, who also did the cover for Eminem/Punisher: Kill You in 2009. Paul Rosenberg, Em’s manager and president of Shady Records, described this latest collaboration as a perfect chance to connect the dots between Marvel and the release of The Marshall Mathers LP 2. “When the opportunity came up for us to do a variant cover with Eminem and Marvel, we immediately thought about how cool it would be for Eminem to be sitting with one of his favorite super heroes on the steps of the now abandoned house that he grew up in,” he said. The Mighty Avengers #3 variant issue is available in comic book shops today. (Complex)

A few years ago, Eminem was featured in Marvel Comics’ The Punisher.

Unlike most bizarre celebrity cameos in comics, this one was done with Eminem’s full approval and cooperation. The story opens with the Punisher slaughtering Eminem’s bodyguards after a concert in Detroit. The downside to having Eminem’s approval is that you also get a sh*t-ton of Eminem’s suggestions… which explains why the story tries so hard to make him look like a bad-ass. When Punisher attacks him, he just happens to be carrying a Glock, and we later learn he’s wearing a bulletproof vest. (Cracked)

Aside from comic talk, Common’s new Nobody’s Smiling album is expected to arrive this month.

Two-time Grammy Award®-winning Chicago rapper, actor Common has fulfilled a life-long goal with the announcement of his signing to No I.D.’s Artium /Def Jam Recordings. “Kingdom” featuring Vince Staples out now, Common’s lead track from his upcoming tenth studio album NOBODY’S SMILING, set for July 22nd release. (PR Newswire)


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