[With the new Liam Neeson-starring “Run All Night” action-thriller in theaters today (March 13), the flick’s co-star Common tells SOHH how he prepared for his role as blood-thirsty assassin Mr. Price.]

Well, for me, [preparing for movie roles] is the joy of acting. You can go and do characters. You might play a pastor at one point that’s conflicted and you may play a science teacher. You may play this dude Price that’s a relentless assassin and then you get to play James Bevel, a civil rights leader.

That’s the joy of acting and how I go there, I work as an actor, continuing to show and grow. I work with my coach and at the same token, with these dark characters, you figure out, “How do you get there,” because we all have dark and light in us and at the same token, I do research and work with the director.

I worked with [“Run All Night” director] Jaume and asked, “What type of villain would this be?” We didn’t want the stock villain. We didn’t want the stereotypical killer.

This guy is a high-tech assassin. He’s wearing those glasses with a trench coat and a little sweater. He looked a little preppy, almost nerdy in a way which is cool. I love that about the character.

But then inside of him, you gotta find out what’s in the mind of somebody who is willing to murder this many people and take a joy in it.

One thing that’s not in the movie that was written in the script was you first find him in an S&M club.

They just cut that actual part but it was an actual S&M room. It was kind of crazy. I got out of there when we stopped filming. It was something.

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