[After beating out competition by winning an Oscar and Grammy award this year, music veteran Common talks to SOHH about what’s next to come for him.]

First of all, I am super grateful to win an Academy Award and to go to the Golden Globes and to be able to perform at those places and be a part of “Selma,” and now I feel it gets better by going to do better work.

I feel I keep getting better as an artist. I’m aligning myself with films that are at that high level. Or television shows that are on that high level. It’s about garnering that work.

For me, that’s the better of it.

There’s some new films that I’m looking at right now. It looks like there’s some films I might be doing soon and there’s a television project I’m producing that is a great lead character for me.

I can’t really discuss any of them until we lock it in. It’s feeling good. I got some good opportunities out there.