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Common Is All About Nasty, “I Would Say Nas, That’s My Favorite Rapper” [Video]

Written By S. Samuel

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Chicago rapper Common recently talked about his favorite artists and named fellow hip-hop veteran Nas as his current all time top emcee.

Although acknowledging Jay-Z as one of the greats as well, Common said his “Ghetto Dreams” collaborator’s poetic approach to music wins him over.

“I would say Nas, that’s my favorite rapper. It’s tough, because [Jay-Z] is one of the greatest and many can argue,” he said in an interview. “But Nas is so poetic with it and I feel like his lyrics, you can write them down on paper and they will last for time. It would be like literature that we read.” (MSNBC)

This week, the rapper-turned-actor gave his reaction to Nas deciding to put together his own autobiography.

“Nas is writing one with the same book company that I’ve worked with, so I’m glad about that. It would be great to hear his story. I think Kanye’s would be interesting. He’s a person who would tell his truth.” (In Reads)

Earlier this year, hip-hop newcomer Waka Flocka Flame named Nas as one of his top three favorite rappers.

“As I feel, in this current state of mind, I would say Tupac. Why Tupac; because, I can relate to all of Tupac’s music… After, ‘Pac, it’s my boy, Eazy-E. I would say Eazy-E; because, he’s just gangsta! He just had that, ‘I don’t give a f**k attitude, ‘I’m Eazy. You gotta love me for me, or else you can throw it out the window.’ … I would say Nas. Nas’ lyrics will educate you. You’ll listen to Nas and be like, ‘Godd*mn, that was some clever a** s***.’ It will make you think and question life. If you haven’t been educated, he will educate you on his theories. He is a positive person; so, I respect Nas.” (All Hip Hop)

When asked who her favorite emcee is last March, actress/singer Jennifer Lopez said Lil Wayne took Nas’ spot.

“God, you know, years ago, it used to be Nas,” Jennifer Lopez revealed in the chat on Saturday (March 12). “I used to love Nas, he was my favorite of all time. And I think now, if I had to pick somebody current, it would probably be Lil Wayne. To me, he’s the, [it’s] the things he says and the way he says it, it’s very unique. I feel he has a fresh new voice and I just like him. Plus he’s on my second single.” (Saturday Night Online)

Check out Common’s interview below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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