[With “Run All Night” still shooting up the box office this month, actor/rapper Common talks to SOHH about starring in the flick alongside movie icon Liam Neeson.]

When they yelled, “Cut!,” we would talk about theater and all types of stuff. We were really having fun.

I would also learn from [Liam Neeson] too. He was telling me different things and different tricks. He’s one of the greatest action guys we got. He’s a legend.

I got to take that. He gave me tips that were based on fighting and those things and dealing with the acting.

Ultimately, he knows what to do and he does it well. That’s why when you watch [his] movies, you can appreciate what he’s doing and the fighting.

Some of the action movies, it is primarily fighting and the one great thing about “Run All Night” is you get the action but you also get a story.

You get some emotions. You get a great film.