New York rapper Bobby Shmurda is reportedly on the verge of experiencing freedom again as reports claim his family is making a final push to bring him home.

According to reports, Shmurda could be released from jail on bond within 24 hours.

Bobby Shmurda finally has a slight glimmer of hope — his legal team has a plan to spring the rapper from jail as early as Thursday. Sources close to the case tell TMZ … Shmurda’s family has stepped forward to offer up collateral for his $2 million bond. Most notably, Bobby’s aunt has put several properties on the line to help set the rapper free. We’re told the family has been working closely with NY bondsman Ira Judelson. (TMZ)

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Back in October, Shmurda called into New York radio station Hot 97 to clear the air on various rumors.

“I’m hearing wild rumors going on. I’m hearing a lot of rumors and stuff,” Shmurda said. “I don’t have ten percent of my bail. I got collateral. I have the whole full security. They want a hundred percent. They don’t want twenty-five percent, they don’t want forty percent, they don’t want fifty, they want the whole collateral. They want the whole two million dollars – we have the whole ten percent, they want the collateral. … I ain’t get in contact with [Epic Records] in a long time.” (Hot 97)

A few weeks ago, music mogul Dame Dash gave his opinion on Epic Records and CEO L.A. Reid not bailing out Shmurda.

“You gotta understand something, L.A. Reid works for Epic,” Dame explained. “Number one, Epic is owned by Sony. Sony is a Japanese company that uses British people to run American people. So, L.A. Reid would probably have to go and ask, I don’t know if it’s still Rob Stringer, but whoever it is that runs Sony, his umbrella company who is British, who then has to ask someone that’s Japanese. And I don’t think someone Japanese gives a f*ck about somebody black through a British, a L.A. Reid, down to the hood, to give more money. And they may have not recouped their money yet.” (“Boyce Watkins”)

Recently, Reid said the label did not have the funds to bail Bobby out.

“You know, I’m crazy about that kid and I think about him often and I feel like his better days are ahead of him. I do believe that and I think it’s unfortunate what has taken place but when I heard him, I believed him. That’s what sold me. It felt soulful. It didn’t feel like anybody was play-acting. … [People criticizing Epic Records for not bailing him out,] it made me feel like people don’t know anything about my business. It’s really not their business. That’s the truth about it. We’re not elected officials here, and we’re not at liberty to disclose how we do business. It’s fair practice, I can tell you that. But it’s not the industry that it once was. We seriously don’t make the money we used to make. That’s a fact of life. Bobby Shumrda’s not the same as Snoop Dogg and ‘Murder Was The Case’ who was coming off career-wise, coming off The Chronic. It’s a different era and we’re a publicly held corporation. We’re just not in the same position we once were in. So it’s a different day.” (Rap Radar)