Free agent NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is taking all of the attention making the GQ cover to address the controversy surrounding rap star Meek Mill. The publicized Black Lives Matter activist has stepped forward to speak up for Mill.

On Monday, Kaepernick went to Twitter to suggest Meek’s legal nightmare is a frequent occurrence for black Americans.

Last night, hip-hop veteran T.I. revealed the personal impact a massive pro-Meek Philadelphia rally had on him.


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According to reports, the FBI is looking into the judge responsible for sending Meek to prison.

Judge Genece Brinkley is reportedly being investigated by the FBI for possible relationships she might have in Philly — including to a local music mogul she allegedly asked Meek to sign with — as well as a possible “extortionate demand” … according to the New York Post. Per the report, undercover agents have been in the courtroom following Meek’s case since April 2016, and the Philly music mogul, Charlie Mack, allegedly once told Meek he knew the judge and could help him with his case. Mack denied that claim to the Post. (TMZ)

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