NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick is ready to get back to it. The publicized Black Lives Matter activist has shared a clip reminding fans he’s ready for a huge comeback.

CK went to Instagram Thursday to thank fans for supporting his initiatives and to share a training video.

This week, various hip-hop entertainers and media personalities have flexed support for Kaepernick after news developed about music icon JAY-Z partnering up with the NFL.

New York rapper Mysonne also explained his issues with the NFL’s alleged stance against Colin Kaepernick.

“So I’ve been asked to give my opinion on this, seeing as how I have been “VERY VOCAL” in my call for a Boycott of the NFL and my Standing with @kaepernick7 . For The Record I’m still Boycotting the NFL until @kaepernick7 is playing, but I am not Mad about #jayz making this Partnership. Jay has shown solidarity by Refusing to perform by Vocally expressing his protest in music, but now he has an opportunity to sit at the Table and Make Change! He has the opportunity to sit at the table and make sure what happened to @kaepernick7 and @e_reid35 NEVER happens Again!! I do Respect @e_reid35 position tho, it does Seem disingenuous to do now after The news of Trumps Fundraising and all the flack The @nfl is Recieving to partner with @rocnation now, But we want Change so I have to see What Jay and Roc Nation Plan to do with the Partnership! Jay has yet to Shuck.and jive or be A token Nigga so I dont believe he will Now! I have to give him the benefit of the doubt! I hope one of his first missions are to Get @kaepernick7 a job on a team. That would be dope, but I must admit @kaepernick7 silence after his settlement is confusing to Many of Us who support him. Most dont know whether to Boycott or celebrate!! I respect Eric Reid but hes playing on a team sooo 🤷🏾‍♂️… @kaepernick7 if you see this King . You started A movement and your followers Need some direction here!! As for @rocnation please do the work I believe you will do. ( Ps. Im Still Not Watching A NFL .. ) #iworkforthepeople#Godswork#Soulnotforsale (Mysonne’s Instagram)

This week, JAY-Z spoke to media about the perception of only using his new Roc Nation/NFL partnership as an opportunity to address players kneeling to protest police brutality.