NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick is speaking for the masses with his public reaction to two cops not receiving charges for killing Louisiana man Alton Sterling in 2016. The outspoken Black Lives Matter supporter has come forward.

Kaep went to Instagram Tuesday (March 27) and unleashed frustrations over the Baton Rouge cops not facing criminal charges.

State sanctioned lynching by means of gun violence!

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After waiting nearly two years, the Louisiana attorney general announced the cops behind Sterling’s death would not get charged.

No charges will be filed against two Baton Rouge police officers in the 2016 shooting death of Alton Sterling, after an investigation determined that the shooting was justified, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said Tuesday. “We have concluded that the officers in question acted as reasonable officers under existing law and were justified in their use of force,” Landry’s written report on the investigation reads. (CNN)

Despite footage showing cops used excessive and ultimately fatal force to take down Sterling, charges still won’t be filed.

In a widely seen cellphone video of the encounter between the officers and Mr. Sterling, 37, the officers hold Mr. Sterling down, and at one point someone can be heard saying, “He’s got a gun! Gun!” An officer immediately draws his weapon and, after some more shouting, what appear to be gunshots are heard. The camera points elsewhere, and there are more apparent gunshots. Officer Salamoni fired all of the rounds. (New York Times)

A couple years ago, Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz said he believed Sterling’s death sparked a fatal cop shooting.

“I would say the Alton Sterling incident played a big part of it,” Boosie said referring to this past weekend’s Baton Rouge police killing. “The funeral was just yesterday or the day before, so a lot of people are in their feelings down there. Even the older generation, it’s not just the younger generation, even the older generation, people I’ve been talking to, they upset about it and it’s a lot of anger down there. There’s a lot of people angry down there.” (TMZ)

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