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Cold 187um Talks Dr. Dre’s “Compton” Appearance: “Xzibit Heard What Dre & I Had Developed”

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[With music mogul Dr. Dre’s new “Compton” album now available, featured artist and G-Funk originator Cold 187um talks to SOHH correspondent Michael “Big Shot” Wright about landing a spot on the Doc’s “Loose Cannons” song and putting together a new album.]

[Music affiliate] LayLaw had called me in regards to the “Compton” album that Dr. Dre was working on at the time and thought it would be a good idea for me to finally reconnect with Dre about getting in the studio with him.

So LayLaw had text me Dre’s number and I reached out to Dre and shortly after conversing with Dre, he wanted me to come through the studio so I could check out what he was working on.

Dre was having me check out tracks he thought of using for the “Compton” album and we came across the “Loose Cannons” beat and he asked me what I thought of about it.

Keep in mind, the track wasn’t fully produced like how the record is now. I like the track and the concept he had in mind at the time so we started vibing and developing “Loose Cannons.”

At first it was just Dre and I and then eventually Xzibit heard what Dre and I had developed so far and he wanted to be apart of the record. The rest was history and that’s when we had finished developing the concept of the record and added Sly Pyper as the finishing touch.

It turned out to be a great record and so far getting a lot of positive feedback from the fans. It was also a great experience for me because I never thought I would of had the opportunity to ever work with Dre again in that setting. It was like how we use to make records in the old days. I wasn’t sent a track through email and asked to “bless” the track and send it back via email or nothing like that. We was in the studio together developing the record with ideas flowing that lead to producing a great record.

The “Black Godfather” album is going to be one of my rare few albums that I can really concentrate on being an artist and focus on my lyrics and not have to worry about producing the album, as I’m only producing 5 out the 16 records that will be on the album, and I don’t have to worry about the business end of the project as well.

Even though I’m still about 80 percent involved in creating the album, I have other producers that are involved such as LayLaw, S-Class, Diar Lansky, Mister Long from Black Sheep, Madness 4 Real that had produced a lot of Eazy-E and MC Ren albums, and G Tha Most just to name a few.

As far as the guest features, I’m going to leave that as a surprise for the fans but I’ll tell you I have about 11 monster features on the album! It’s time for me to make an epic mainstream record again. The album is going to be fun, deep at times, I’ll be clownin’, and some songs will be lyrically based. I also have the “25th Anniversary Above The Law” album dropping shortly after the “Black Godfather” album. I will have 10 never heard songs by myself and the late KMG.

We also have a never seen before music video from the album entitled “The Take Over” that also features KMG. That will be KMG’s last music video to the fans.”

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Written by SOHH Squad

One Comment

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