[With Capone-N-Noreaga’s “Lessons” album now in stores, Capone talks to SOHH about his upcoming solo release and why he reaches out to CNN fans about who he should collaborate with.]

I’m actually working on a solo album right now. I like to get the fans’ feedback so I’ll randomly, sometimes, throw that out there because I’m not saying I don’t like collaborating, I like being alone but I like doing collabos because I know it’s needed in the game.

But I like doing records for dolo. I like holding my own.

So sometimes I’ll throw that out there, “Who should I collaborate with?” And then I’ll get the fans to partake and make it a part of my project.

I’m working on a solo album, I think I’m about 80 percent down right now. I got some dope producers on there. I basically have been working on this album for about two years and I’m going to start leaking joints.

I want to show people I still ‘got’ it and I’m holding it down solo.

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