[With “Power” airing tonight (August 1), Capone-N-Noreaga’s Capone gives his take on Starz’s hit show versus Fox’s “Empire” standout series.]

I’m definitely rocking with “Power” because it’s more of my lifestyle. It’s more of what I grew up on. I didn’t grow up in the music system that “Empire” portrays.

I love it because it gives me the feel of a Death Row when they were popping and a Bad Boy when they were popping and of a Clive Davis era of music when labels were the majority. Now they’re the minority.

The artists are the majority and we’re our own record labels. There’s more independent artists in the world than it is signed artists. I look at that like it’s dope.

If [“Empire”] had came out maybe 15 years ago, it would probably have touched [me] a lot more than it does now. But the show’s a black show, I love it, we need it right now on TV.

I think “Power,” with me being a street dude and me living life coming up in the projects and I’ve seen that lifestyle and I can relate to that lifestyle more than “Empire.”

I love both shows but I gotta say “Power” is my prioritized show. That’s what I love to watch. I’m a fiend of “Power” right now.

At the end of the day, a lot of people can’t relate to that music empire lifestyle on “Empire” because it’s not like that anymore. You see Cash Money and a lot of record labels, it’s just not like that anymore.

You don’t have that emphasis on music in hip-hop anymore with the moguls. Everyone is trying to be their own moguls now. We have moguls that are coming up in different realms right now. You look at all the young poppin’ dudes out there right now. The [DJ] Mustards, the Swizz Beatz’s, people out there that are making their own mogul [brands] and not going that route per se.

I love the show and I love what it brings to the table but like I said, I’m going with “Power.”

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