CNN’s Capone is catching some bad press this week as new reports claim he got arrested in his New Jersey home on charges related to child-support evasion.

Details on his arrest and comments made outside a court have surfaced online.

The rapper Capone was arrested yesterday on a child-support evasion charge after allegedly failing to pay more than $160,000 in support dating back to 2004. Capone, 36, whose real name is Kiam Holley, was released on a $10,000 personal-recognizance bond. He is supposed to pay $1,500 a month until his 12-year-old daughter turns 21. Prosecutors said Capone has made only three payments in eight years totalling just over $144. “It is what it is,” the rapper said outside court. “I know it looks bad on paper, but I take care of my daughter.” Capone was arrested in his Jersey home. Judge Joan Azrack said his travel will be restricted to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. (New York Post)

Last year, Southern rap veteran Scarface served time on a child support charge.

The former Geto Boys leader has since been moved to Harris County Jail as of last week where he is being held for two active child support warrants totaling $123,372. He also faces two other child support charges as well as charges from the federalgovernment. According to police documents obtained by, bonds have been set on all four cases–one for $93,376, a second one for $50,000, another for $30,000 and the last one was set at $500. As of press time it is unclear how much longer Facemob is expected to spend behind bars, but a media relations rep for Harris County’s 7th precinct told XXL that he will be held until these women accusing him of not paying child support are compensated to some capacity. (XXL Mag)

Earlier this year, Scarface came clean about serving his debt to society.

“In the system, when your kids get grown and you pay all this money direct and it’s time for the money to stop being issued out, they gonna want to appeal because there ain’t no more money coming in no more,” the “I Seen a Man Die” rapper explained to “RapFix” host Sway. “So they may go and say you ain’t pay nothing, so that how it go.” Face’s logic is that, if he wasn’t paying child support for all these years, why didn’t his child’s mother come after him earlier? “21 years? C’mon, man. You want to do it now, 21 years later?” he rhetorically questioned. “Why you ain’t do that 20 years ago, if it really was what it was?” (MTV)

Last summer, N.O.R.E. explained disbanding CNN, ultimately drawing a line in his musical relationship with Capone.

“That’s my brother right and we recently – somebody called me to do a show,” N.O.R.E. explained. “The show happened to be in Queensbridge…My drama in Queensbridge has always been over Capone. I don’t have beef in Queensbridge. I mean I’ve handled the beef in Queensbridge, but originally it never started over me — so as a brother I just felt like he should have stood next to me. I came, I brung all the jewelry I could put together on and I walked through that projects by myself and held it down — It just really, really hurt me as a friend [not to have him by my side].” (“The Breakfast Club”)