[With the overnight spurt of streaming sites like Jay Z’s Tidal and Dr. Dre-endorsed Apple Music, rap veteran Capone gives SOHH his take on the music biz’s latest trend.]

At the end of the day, it’s definitely confusing but I think for the artists, it’s definitely a plus. You gotta know how to take advantage of it.

Some people may not be able to take advantage of it the way other artists may but for the people to be able to get your music like that, I think it’s a plus.

There’s so many messed up sites that are streaming music and doing all types of foul sh*t that I think those sites are a way of us having a little bit of control.

I think that at the end of the day, it will all come to light. Maybe not right now but maybe two or three years from now, those sites will be a big part of the movement in hip-hop and going forward with an independent artist.

Someone hit me up the other day like, “Yo, I got all your joints from Spotify,” and I was like, “That’s dope.”

There were just a lot of sites that were scamming people like Limewire.

You don’t want to be taken advantage of as an artist but you do want people to be able to get your music whenever they want.

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