[With CNN’s long-awaited “Lessons” album arriving later this month, Capone talks to SOHH about dealing with fans inevitable comparisons to their classic “War Report” LP.]

Our love for music is in us. We don’t try to make records. We don’t try to do this. We just go into the studio and try to lay down whatever comes out and that’s just the thing.

Once you try to become something else, I don’t consider it authentic. Everything we do, it’s authentic. We don’t try to make street records, we don’t try to make party records, if the record comes out like a party record then it comes out like a party record.

If it comes out like a street record, it comes out like a street record. That’s what it is. We don’t go into the studio like, “We need red candles and blue incents.” We just go in and vibe out, smoke, drink – everything else everyone else does and we just vibe out.

We’re one in the same. We’re both from different projects, we’re both from different sides of Queens, but once we get into the studio, it comes so easy to make records because it’s so authentic. Our minds are always on the same pattern.

If N.O.R.E. comes into the studio late and I start a record he’s like, “Eh yo, I was thinking about that same idea right there,” and it makes it so easy.

Eight times out of ten we’re on the same page.

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