[With the new Capone-N-Noreaga “Lessons” album finally in stores, Capone talks to SOHH about his daily grind.]

I’m cooling out. I am fortunate enough to have a studio in my crib. I don’t really go outside my crib. I spent a lot of money on my studio so I’m fortunate to have a studio in my crib, I got a gym in my crib.

If I come out to a party, I come out and hang out, I’ll pop bottles with my boys. But other than that, I’m just cool. I’m laid back. I’m worry-free. I’m cooling.

My kids are growing up and I’m just having fun with life. I’m loving the music scene right now.

I hear a lot of people saying “I want the 90’s back, I want the 2000’s back.” I just love all music. Everything has to elevate. Nothing stands still. Not even air stands still.

Nothing stands still so as long as music is being made and there’s progress in hip-hop, I love it. I just stay in my house and I think of the ways I can add to this conglomerate called hip-hop and if I’m not in the studio, I’m just cooling. If N.O.R.E.’s in town, I got hang out with him and that’s it.

I got a lot in store right now.

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