[With the new Capone-N-Noreaga “Lessons” album arriving next week, Capone decodes the story behind their upcoming project’s cover art.]

The “Lessons” cover is basically like a form of elevation. It was like a form of elevation.

You see the faces and it’s like going through a phase. It’s like going through different phases. It’s pretty much our lives.

We’re going through time.

You saw us before and now you see us again. The minute you think we’re gone, we pop right back up.

That’s my take on the album cover. It’s just elevation.

That’s why we have a song on the album called “Elevate.” We’re constantly trying to elevate. As you can see, N.O.R.E. starts to fade and then it comes back on the forecast and the same thing with mine.

That’s basically what we go through and how we live our life.

Lessons hits retail stores Friday, July 24.

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