City Girls’ Yung Miami and JT have their complete mood in the new My Turn album. The hip-hop duo have shared a major co-sign for rap rookie Lil Baby‘s new solo LP.

Big Facts

Yung Miami went to Instagram this week to share her support for Baby’s “Emotionally Scarred” record. JT made sure to hit up Miami’s comments section to share her fave tune.

“MY MOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!” – Yung Miami

“I love commercials that’s my favorite period. Period.” -JT

City Girls’ Yung Miami + JT Are Co-Sign Lil Baby’s MY TURN Album

High-Key Details

In early February 2020, JT came through for Yung’s birthday. The rap star blessed Miami with an iced-out piece of jewelry.

Wait, There’s More

A few days prior to the birthday love, Yung looked flawless. The curvy rapper sent the thirst trap into spirals courtesy of new swimsuit pics.

Before You Go

Finally, Miami and JT recently landed a Billboard cover. On the magazine, the duo share their close-knit bond – literally – with intertwined hair.