City Girls’ JT is soaking in near-spring vibes. The hip-hop entertainer went online this week to share a batch of shots flexing pure swimsuit goals to the masses.

Big Facts

Over the past few hours, JT has not held back on waking up the thirst trap. The hip-hop entertainer shared a stack of slideshow moments turning up on a yacht and jet ski.

“Such a city girl it’s a shame!”

High-Key Details

Recently, footage surfaced of JT’s insane iced-out birthday present to City Girls’ Yung Miami. Instead of just going with a b-day card, JT bought Miami a must-see new bracelet.

Wait, There’s More

Recently, Yung Miami looked flawless and sent the thirst trap into spirals courtesy of new swimsuit pics. She shared a grip of new pics to her day one supporters.

Before You Go

Recently, the hip-hop pair blew fans away with a must-see Billboard magazine cover feature.