[With his “No Small Talk” season 2 on Jay Z’s TIDAL streaming service, comedian Cipha Sounds talks to SOHH about the undeniable connection between hip-hop and comedy.]

There’s always a connection between comedy and hip-hop. Obviously Kid Capri on Def Comedy Jam back in the day, the biggest moment ever of Def Comedy Jam was when Bernie Mac did the “I Ain’t Scared Of Y’All Motherf*ckers” [segment].

The story is the guy who went on before him had bombed so the audience was all rowdy. Then Bernie Mac had to go next and talked to Kid Capri and they worked out a routine. That routine may have not had the same impact if it wasn’t for him combining it with the music and the deejay.


Then you have “Chappelle’s Show” and [Dave] Chappelle loves hip-hop. It’s right around the time Kanye [West] is blowing up and he’s the bearer, dancing around the stage with Kanye West. So there’s always been a connection and I’m just trying to make it bigger and expose it more.

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