[With hip-hop heads still buzzing over Kanye West reportedly working on a new album in Wyoming, TIDAL’s Cipha Sounds weighs in on the rumor and talks about the streaming giant’s biggest rap attraction.]

There are two TIDALs. There’s the TIDAL that’s for the hype beasts. Yes, you need it to get all of the exclusives, all of the Kanye West music, the Beyoncé stuff, 21 Savage has his own video program on there.

The hype beasts and to get all of the new-new-new sh*t? You have to get TIDAL for that. But, also, my wife who just loves music and just wants to listen to her favorite albums? That’s what I really like about it.

If I’m in the car and I want to listen to some Gregory Issacs and then after that I want to listen to Mos Def and then I want to go into Migos, that’s literally why it wins. Everything is at your fingertips and the user format is so easy.

Kanye West is just next dude amazing. He went to Hawaii and made My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and look what we got out of that? It was phenomenal.

Now he’s in Wyoming? I’m more of a snow person than a Hawaii person. So I’m looking forward to the snowboard Kanye album which is going to be, and this is just me assuming, a very Kanye, Run The Jewels kind of album.

In my mind, Run The Jewels is a snowboard rap album. I don’t know why I call it that but that’s how it feels to me.