[With his new “Hip Hop Improv” and “No Small Talk” TIDAL shows adding to the streaming giant’s massive entertainment stash, comedian Cipha Sounds talks to SOHH about Jay Z’s powerhouse winning big in 2017.]

I understand why people would doubt TIDAL in the beginning because they’re just weird and haters. Honestly, I was actually working at TIDAL for a little while, helping them with content and I just left because I got this TV show.

The people that work there are amazing. The relationships they have with artists are amazing. The video content is amazing. Albums, songs, everybody has that but what separates you from the others? The stuff they’re about to do with the new playlists is really crazy.

The thing about it is that you get real people with talent making the content. It’s not just generic and people you hire. These are real deejays, real artists and real writers that create the content on TIDAL.

That’s why it feels warmer.

I equate it to when I was on the radio. People treat me like they know me because they heard me on the radio and heard me talk about personal things. That’s how TIDAL feels to me. You kind of get a good, warm, best friend feeling from it.