[With TIDAL blowing up courtesy of exclusive releases from Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé, “Hip Hop Improv” host Cipha Sounds gives SOHH his take on the streaming giant’s biggest move to date.]

Beyoncé is of course a given. That’s a number one as far as biggest power moves TIDAL’s done. But I would say my favorite thing was the Kanye West Life Of Pablo release.

The way Kanye was literally live-editing and live-updating the album? He changed a couple verses, not the words but the execution of it. I know a lot of people and friends that got TIDAL because of the Pablo album.

That was the biggest thing to me.

The Beyoncé album was big but you know the Bey Hive is going to be there and come up. But her fans aren’t even fans, they’re in the bloodline.

Kanye is so controversial and the stupid sh*t he says, he’s got fans and people that love him but he also has big people who hate him. But everybody went and got TIDAL because of that.