R&B singer Ciara and Future are “this” close to having to face-off in front of a judge. New reports claim CiCi is putting legal pressure on her ex-fiancé to handle a dispute involving their son.

According to reports, Ciara’s legal team has asked a court to force Future to enter mediation in an effort to create a new travel itinerary for their four-year Future Jr.

If the judge won’t force Daddy Future into mediation, Ciara wants a trial to settle the matter. As we reported … Ciara claims Future’s been terrible at keeping his daddy appointments — allegedly breaking scheduled visits fairly often — and tends to hand the kid off to the rapper’s mother or grandmother without spending much time with him. Ciara also said the constant back-and-forth was weighing on their son, and it was important they figure a better schedule for the kid’s sake. (TMZ)

A couple years ago, Future explained the immediate aftermath of his 2014 split from CiCi.

“I was one step away from being married, and I feel like I failed publicly in relationships. Then you want to go back to doing music, to what you know. And if the people didn’t accept you again, the one thing you feel like you can fall back on, it walked away from you. You feel like it’s over,” Future said. “I’m attached to you [, Ciara]. If you’re happy, I’m happy. You’re connected for life. I don’t want you to go through this sh*t and for it to come back on my son, my kid. I want you to be in the best situation.” (Rolling Stone)

Past reports claimed Future planned to end a legal war against the R&B singer.

As TMZ reported — Ciara sued Future for $15 million back in February for calling her a bad mom. Future countersued but he’s just had a change of heart, asking the judge to dismiss his case against her. Sources close to the rapper tell us he wants to calm the waters after scoring joint custody of baby Future. (TMZ)

In mid-May 2016, Future reportedly won joint custody of their son.

Sources connected to the former couple say Ciara showed up in court asking for sole custody of their 1-year-old son, baby Future. She claimed Future was a bad parent who was not present in the child’s life. We’re told she and her lawyer also trash talked Future to the judge, saying he was a bad person. For his part, Future showed up and asked for joint custody, and the judge was squarely on his side, rejecting her arguments. (TMZ)