Although we’re in a recession, college kids everywhere are still determined to let loose at Spring Break. SOHH asked Ciara, Asher Roth and Bun B to give them some cost-saving party break tips.

Houston rap legend Bun B advised college students to look for Spring Break opportunites in their own backyards.

“Go to the closest place you can,” he said. “If you live in Houston for example and you’re a college kid you may want to go out to Ft. Lauderdale and Daytona Beach but it’s probably a lot easier and a lot less stressful on the pockets to ride right down to South Padre Island.”

“I wouldn’t tell people to not take a trip because Spring Break is very important. You got to go relieve that stress before them finals. I think people should make a concerted effort to put together something locally that’s not going to cost as much money.”

Asher Roth, the rapper behind the current hit single, “I Love College,” had some advice for Spring Breakers who venture far from home but don’t have money for a hotel room.

“Stay in the girls rooms you meet out at night and you will never need a hotel,” he told SOHH before adding this quote from “I Love College.” “Don’t fall asleep with you shoes on, and when it comes to condoms put 2 on.”

R&B singer Ciara, who is currently prepping for the May 5th release of her third album Fantasy Ride, advised Spring Breakers to prepare a financial plan beforehand.

“Create the budget. Leave what you don’t need at home… But have a enough for a emergency.”

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