[With Chuck Inglish’s new Convertibles debut finally on store shelves this week, the producer/rapper tells SOHH readers what’s up with fellow Cool Kids member Sir Michael Rocks.]

There’s no pressure on The Cool Kids.

We were never going to stay not making music. We just at the time, in between the three years of me doing this solo record, we weren’t trying to force things.

People were checking and they miss what we’ve done now, and it’s appreciated and it’s valuable, but that kind of happens on purpose when you know how to take steps back from things you’ve done to let fans, or listeners, people make their own decision about what they thought about it because we never were going through the time in real time.

We would do sh*t, and people would be like ‘Yeah they did that’, then they’d cash into it later, so we’d be so far in advance in doing things we were kind of tired of doing stuff and letting people catch up to it.

So now we’re just letting people catch up to the whole idea of what we’re doing and how we can just gradually bring people along slowly.

That’s all it was, there’s no pressure.

OutKast, I look up to them but it’s still hard to believe that we are in consideration in the same conversation in groups like OutKast, that s*** is f***ing trippy. So the fact that people are like do you feel pressure because of OutKast, the fact that that is even a question humbles me, and I’m glad that I’m working in a lane that OutKast is in.

I hope the next record we make, makes them want to listen to it and make some sh*t, that’s what I want, if anything. So I don’t feel pressure. I hope that OutKast is like, ‘Yo we were listening to that Cool Kids sh*t and we had to make ours’.

Me and Mikey, we have our own individual personalities music-wise, so doing our own purifies our group sound so it will never just be a strategic ‘we’ll do this now’, so we can do whatever we want and we’d rather invent the wheel than ride it.

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