Young Money’s Christina Milian has cleared the air on recent rumors about having a baby on the way from rumored rap star boyfriend Lil Wayne.

Milian acknowledged the widespread rumor and playfully denied it having any truth.

“It’s [pregnancy rumor] been a rumor for the last six months!” Christina, who is already mother to daughter Violet, reveals. “I dont know — I am still waiting to show,” she joked. “But no, I am not pregnant — that is a good [rumor] to fix.” (RumorFix)

Check out what Christina said about her relationship to Wayne right here…

Despite the speculation, Milian recently dismissed the intimate gossip and rumors.

“People definitely see us around a lot together, but we have a very cool relationship. I think it’s a relationship to be protected because the world has something to say about everything. If it’s something worth anything, I think it’s best to enjoy and live for yourself.” (Singersroom)

Last year, Christina talked about working with Wayne for their “Start A Fire” collaboration.

“This record has actually been around for a second and actually while we were filming the show. His manager Cortez heard the song and was like, ‘Wayne needs this on his album’ and literally when we were filming the episode while we were in the studio; that’s how that whole thing happened.” (E! Online)

Despite her close-knit bond to Wayne, R&B singer Nivea recently said she could not see his rumored girlfriend attending any family events.

“Oh, that’s not going to [happen]. He knows better than that. What the public doesn’t know is that there’s a conversation that’s already been had between Wayne and I before that [Instagram comment] was ever [posted]. So it was not a messy thing. It was my way of saying to everyone, ‘I don’t condone this.’ You can’t control what people do with their lives. But I was just…a lot of things have been going on with my relationships in the past to people were, ‘Oh my God! I guess they all like…’ and just a lot of speculation. So, that was me saying, ‘In this regard, this is not cute to me.'” (Malcolm Music)