Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Christ Bearer has come forward to speak out following reports of him cutting off his penis last month prior to a suicide attempt. #ThatsGottaHurt

According to reports, Bearer said the decision largely rested on personal issues going on in his life.

Christ Bearer is finally breaking his silence about why he cut off his penis before jumping out a window … telling TMZ it was depression over not being able to see his daughters that drove him to commit the insane act. Oh, and he also got his penis back. We’ll get to that later … C.B. — part of the Wu-Tang affiliate Killa Beez — tells TMZ that night last month was a rough one for him. He says was feeling super alone … unable to see his two daughters because of restraining orders and a third child on the way. (TMZ)

Despite initial reports, Christ said doctors were able to reattach his manhood.

C.B. tells us he started to smoke weed and read a book about monks and vasectomies. C.B. says it felt like his world was collapsing, and with the thoughts of kids and vasectomies in his head … he decided to take matters into his owns. Clearly, it did not turn out well. But there was a happy ending. C.B. says plastic surgeons were able to reattach his manhood and he has regained full functionality … though he might not be able to have kids. So … mission accomplished? As for his future with Wu-Tang, he’d only say, “I am the f***ing Wu Tang.” (TMZ)

Although not fully familiar with the situation, Wu-Tang head RZA recently said he felt mental issues may have contributed to Johnson’s actions.

“I feel sad for his family first and foremost; I know he has children,” RZA said. “I thought he was a smarter guy than a guy who would do something crazy like that. But at the same time, he been in jail recently, he’s been in trouble. Maybe he’s mentally unstable. Maybe the mental health system should have took a look at him and said, ‘You know what? We got to hold on to this guy for a little longer.'” (XXL Mag)

Initial reports claimed Johnson’s lower body part could not be reattached by doctors.

The Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated rapper who cut off his penis before leaping off the second-floor balcony of his North Hollywood apartment has lost the appendage for good, according to a report. Andre Johnson — who raps under the name Christ Bearer — was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after he apparently flayed himself during the bizarre suicide bid early Wednesday, TMZ reported. But doctors were unable to reattach the severed penis, the website reported. (NY Daily News)