Model Chrissy Teigen isn’t Snappin’ anymore. The popular entertainer has announced her departure from social media giant Snapchat following a publicized Rihanna ad nightmare.

This weekend, Chrissy went to Twitter to reveal Snapchat’s antics had finally pushed her to the edge.

New York rapper Cardi B recently gave Snapchat a strong co-sign.

Earlier this month, a report claimed Snapchat’s stock sunk after getting ripped by Rihanna over its now-infamous insensitive poll ad.

Shares of Snap plunged as much as 5 percent to session lows on Thursday after Rihanna instructed her 60.9 million Instagram followers to delete the app. It’s the second time in a month an A-lister has done some serious damage to Snap’s market capitalization. The company’s shares plunged as much as 5 percent, knocking $600 million off the market capitalization. (CNBC)

The same day, RiRi made headlines after publicly going at Snapchat.