R&B singer Chrisette Michele has bigger things to worry about than Spike Lee not putting her music in his films. The crooner’s longtime supporters have come forward to announce their disappointment and disinterest in holding her down following a controversial inauguration performance.

Since taking centerstage at yesterday’s historic event, Michele’s Instagram account’s comments section has flooded with fans vowing to never support her again.

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Some reports claim Michele will bank $250,000 for her performance.

Now we’re being told by sources close to the presidential weekend that Michele has been scheduled to perform at one of tonight’s inaugural balls, where she’ll be a little less visible. That same source tells us that despite rumors that Michele would make $750,000 for her appearance, the actual number is $250,000. (New York Daily News)

A few days ago, filmmaker Spike Lee came forward about his disgust in learning Michele would perform at President Donald Trump‘s inauguration.

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Earlier the same day, Michele seemed to come forward to defend her inauguration performance plans.

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