Chrisette Michele’s Husband To Spike Lee: “F**k You!”

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R&B singer Chrisette Michele‘s husband Doug “Biggs” Ellison isn’t here for Spike Lee‘s shade. The music biz manager has come forward to lash out at the veteran filmmaker.

Heading into the weekend, Biggs went to Instagram and name-dropped Lee.

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Yesterday (January 21), Instagram users exploded on Michele for allegedly banking $250,000 to perform at President Donald Trump‘s inauguration.

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Some reports claim Michele will bank $250,000 for her performance.

Now we’re being told by sources close to the presidential weekend that Michele has been scheduled to perform at one of tonight’s inaugural balls, where she’ll be a little less visible. That same source tells us that despite rumors that Michele would make $750,000 for her appearance, the actual number is $250,000. (New York Daily News)

A few days ago, Lee came forward about his disgust in learning Michele would perform at President Donald Trump‘s inauguration.

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    • Yeah do you, All money NOT good money. …to me she sold her sold to the DEVIL. ..I hope that it last her a lifetime. MONEY NOT EVERYTHING. The problem is that she has a somewhat fan base. And even though she is money hungry like you it’s going to matter, YOU WILL SEE….SMDH

  1. Leave that woman alone. People acting like she’s performing for the klan. We’re trying to force an enemy out of Trump when all he’s been saying is that he wants to help the black community. Lets see what he do and then judge.

  2. Black people so slow, we think an artist, making 250k in less than 5 minutes is a bad decision…that EBT food gotcha brains in a frenz…😂😂😂😂

    • Yes it was a bad decision. Since she was dropped by Capitol records and having her album shelved I’m sure that check is keeping her warm.

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