Hollywood actor Chris Tucker won’t put an end to the anticipation for a final Friday flick and has addressed the speculation following a recent Ice Cube interview.

According to Tucker, he is interested in having the movie finally make it onto the big screen.

“I’m actually trying to help [the studio] come up with some ideas and be a part of the producing process with Cube to see if we can come up with something, so that might happen,” Tucker said in an interview. “If I do a movie like Friday again it has to evolve. I evolved from Smokey when I was that age when I did that movie – from when I did Fifth Element or even the first Rush Hour. So, every character I look at now I’m like can I play it because where I am right now, because I pull a lot from real life. I put a lot of myself in the characters.” (“Sway In The Morning”)

Last month, Cube said the business side of the movie industry had slowed the flick’s progress.

“We just waiting on New Line to make a decision,” Cube revealed when asked about the flick’s delay. “New Line, Time Warner, they got to figure out if they want to make this movie. [What’s there to figure out?] Man, I don’t [know]. Can you call somebody over there? I don’t know what’s to figure out. It’s the movie everybody wants to see. It’s a no-brainer to me. I believe Chris Tucker’s in to doing it. So let’s do it.” (Sports Nation)

Back in fall 2012, Cube said he had Tucker’s role written into the proposed Last Friday flick.

“I’m waiting to give it to them, but it’s politics and it’s economics getting it to where it needs to be,” Cube said in an interview referring to the film script. “It’s moving in the right direction to get made, but it just ain’t moving as fast as I want it … but it’s happening. … With a script, nobody is all the way down until they like their deal and they sign it, so everything is just a theory. He’s written into the movie, and once they give us the green light to start hiring actors, then we’re going to present him with the movie and an offer and we’ll see if he takes it.” (MTV)

Months prior, Chris addressed his possible return and explained why he did not take part in the previous two Friday films.

“You know what? I don’t know. I talked to Ice Cube, because it’s such a big rumor and people get mad if you say you ain’t doing something so I’m real careful. Me and Cube, we’re talking about it and they’re working on a script. If it comes back, but I don’t think it’ll be as special as the first one. … When they was doing the Next Friday, I already was doing Money Talks — and I always wanted to keep going next level and all that stuff so I wouldn’t be in that box, so, I was doing Money Talks with Charlie Sheen and then after that we did all the Rush Hour‘s and the Fifth Element, Dead Presidents and all that stuff, so, that’s what happened. I was already doing another movie. … Back then I was real smart, so I’m trying to get back to that so we’ll see what happens but I doubt it.” (“Tom Joyner Morning Show”)

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