The nation has the family and friends of Santa Fe high school victims in their prayers today. Various high-profile celebrities have relied on social media to speak out on Friday’s tragic shooting.

Over the past few hours, celebs from Houston Rockets’ Chris Paul to H-Town native Slim Thug have spoken out.


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The Santa Fe shooting suspect is reportedly 17-year-old student Dimitrios ‘Dimitri’ Pagourtzis and in police custody.

The suspected shooter taken into custody by police in Santa Fe, Texas, after ten people were shot dead at a high school, has been identified as teenager Dimitrios “Dimitri” Pagourtzis, who apparently posted a picture of a T-shirt on social media bearing the words “Born to Kill”. A sheriff says the 17-year-old suspect is being held on a capital murder charge. (Independent)

The governor of Texas has provided some specific insight on the shooting suspect.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Pagourtzis had planned to kill himself but instead surrendered, calling him a coward. Abbott said the teen used a shotgun and a .38 revolver legally owned by his father. Brandon Austin, a junior, said Pagourtzis mostly kept to himself at school. “I never thought he would amount to something this tragic. He stuck to himself, he had a few friends, but never really talked to many people,” Austin said. “I had maybe seen him get bullied a few times, but nothing too serious, so for him to do something catastrophic, I just…it’s crazy.” (KHOU 11)