R&B singer Chris Brown is praying for the best. The award-winning crooner has come forward to share just how severe the Australia wildfires are right now.

Big Facts: Chris Breezy went to his Instagram page to show his support for spreading awareness about Australia’s current crisis.

High-Key Details: According to reports, thousands of Australians have evacuated their homes as the fires have intensified across the country.

In the town of Mallacoota, residents and tourists hemmed to the foreshore since New Year’s Eve fires clambered aboard landing craft with family, pets and a few belongings. By late Friday, around 1,000 had been taken to the HMAS Choules and the MV Sycamore, which were to sail down the coast to safety. The scale of Australia’s unprecedented months-long bushfire crisis has shocked the country and the world. (PHYS)

Wait, There’s More: Despite the need to end the fires, firefighters are reportedly trying to immediately stop the spread.

Firefighters are spraying water and fire retardant from planes and helicopters as well as from the ground. But fighting bush fires is extremely difficult and often authorities have to focus on just stopping the spread, rather than putting the fire out. The spread can for instance be contained by digging earth boundaries to stop the flames from spreading. The priority is saving lives. (BBC)

Before You Go: Australian Minister of Defense Linda Reynolds has kept people updated on social media with details about the country’s defense against the fires.