R&B singer Chris Brown has stepped forward to speak out on the now-infamous club footage of vixen Amber Rose grinding on him.

Brown said he could not turn down the opportunity to dance with Rose and said he still had respect for her estranged husband Wiz Khalifa.

“Now let me tell you something about that,” Brown said referring to the Amber Rose footage. “I did, I did [hesitate]. In this situation, as a man, it’s friendly. I know that wouldn’t go any further than that. But as a man, I’d be stupid as h*ll [to turn it down] – she’s twerking! Just like everybody is thirsting and got their thot on Instangram. … Everybody sitting there like, ‘Oh my d*mn.’ I’ma say no? She’s calling me up on stage, I’m gonna dance. … I still have respect for Wiz. Although they’re not together, I’m still going to respect his baby mama.” (Hot 97)

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Footage of Brown and Rose getting up close and personal at a California nightclub surfaced in December.

Rose and Breezy were spotted getting their grind on at the Supper Club in Los Angeles last night (December 18), to the tune of the aptly title Juvenile hit “Back That Azz Up.” (MTV)

Despite the speculation, Rose recently said she was not focused on finding new love.

“I’m not thinking about that right [now],” Amber said when asked about dating again since her split from Khalifa. “If I’m not married to Wiz right now I don’t want to be married. I’m not at that point right now. I don’t even want to date. I just want to get my heart back together.” (Hip Hollywood)