R&B singer Chris Brown is ready for a Verzuz battle but there’s a major string attached. The award-winning crooner has named the one person he can see himself facing off against in an epic bout – himself.

Chris Brown’s Verzuz Challenge To Himself

On Friday, Chris Breezy hit up Instagram to let the world know he could see himself doing a Verzuz. However, Brown took things to troll level by saying he’d only put his hits up against his own classics.

“Only vs ima do is CHRIS BROWN VS CHRIS BREEZY… not in competition with nobody but myself…❤️” -Chris Brown’s Instagram

Chris Brown’s Verzuz challenge to himself.

“❤️✊🏾🙏🏽… NEVER STOP GRINDING BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY… never turn yo back on the millions of people who got you there! TEAM BREEZY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MOST OF MY BLESSINGS! ❤️✊🏾. LOVE ETERNALLY” -Chris Brown’s Instagram


High-Key Details

Recently, Brown hit up Instagram to break big album news to his followers. While he didn’t give a drop date or any additional details, Brown did share his upcoming solo studio project’s title.

“MY 10th studio album will be called …… ‘BREEZY'” -Chris Brown’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Outside of the music news, Brown’s girlfriend Ammika Harris recently hit up Instagram with a must-see moment between herself and their son Aeko. The pic featured her head resting against Aeko as they catch some zzz’s together.

“Rare “pure” spirit” -Ammika Harris’ Instagram

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Rare “pure” spirit

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Baby Aeko can do absolutely no wrong in this solo shot.

Before You Go

In early July 2020, Brown hit up Ammika’s Instagram page comments to send a very direct message her way. Brown acknowledged Harris’ beauty is on every inch of her body.

“Details” -Ammika Harris’ Instagram

“Every single detail is AMAZING about you ❤️” -Chris Brown

Ammika Harris with the solo shot beauty.