Chris Brown


R&B superstar Chris Brown has been recognized with Music Choice’s "Most Demanded" award after locking in 43 million views in a one year time span.


According to the Associated Press, Music Choice awarded the singer on their first on-demand awards show yesterday (December 1) claiming fans have watched the singer’s combined videos and interviews the most as compared to other artists including Kanye West, Jay-Z and Rihanna.

Music Choice executive Damon Williams holds teenage girls and an overwhelming amount of fans inviting friends over to view the clips as the primary reasons behind Brown’s win.

Trailing close behind is rap star Lil’ Wayne whose “Lollipop” music video totaled 12 million views.

The company is known for offering consumers the ability to view a free selection of music-based clips and exclusives at any given time via their televison service such as Comcast and Cablevision.

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