[With the new launch of YAY Apparel this month, late hip-hop artist Chinx’s manager Biggs talks to SOHH about how much he loved fashion.]

Chinx has always been a pioneer when it comes to fashion. What’s happening now is because the spotlight has been shined on him, you’re realizing that he’s more than a rapper.

He’s a businessman who understood the businessman.

These things are not ideas that we thought up overnight but they’ve been in the works and obviously are coming to the forefront.

I’m thinking the most important thing that the world is seeing is the importance of a team and the work. It would be so easy for us to let his memory and legacy die but us making the commitment to make sure these things live on and continue to thrive is so important because we don’t want the people who took away his life so suddenly and so short to think they ever won.

You may have silenced a man but will never silence his legacy and his brand. That’s something we’re going to do to ensure he continues to live on and this thing we call a legacy can be passed on to generation to generation that his children can look back and say, “My daddy did something. My daddy was somebody and the world knows that.”

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