[With late hip-hop artist Chinx’s posthumous “Welcome To JFK” album now available, his manager Biggs talks to SOHH about what made the New York native so well-received by fans and celebrities.]

There’s people who claim the streets and you can say it’s the music, he just rapped about what he saw and what he knew.

The funny thing is when you listen to this album, the things he’s rapping about are different. It’s not the drugs, it wasn’t the violence, he had gotten the opportunity to start seeing different things.

That’s why he was so relatable and so personable to people. He had so much truth to everything he did and everything he was. I’m not at all surprised, I’m just disappointed.

I know he’s seeing it, he has to have a smile on his face, but on our time, we would trade the world to have him back.

I’m now doing interviews and having to be the voice. I’ve been the one behind the scenes, he’s not here to do those things. So we all have to step up to the plate to make sure what he wanted all gets accomplished and that’s making sure his legacy is strong.

He worked his a** off to get here and the world is just taking notice because at the end of the day, it is really good music. It’s not the cookie cutter stuff in the microwave and push ‘Cook.’

It’s not that type of music, he wasn’t that type of artist.

If you follow his trajectory and what he’s done over the years, you’ll hear nothing but growth.

It’s disappointing and it’s upsetting he’s not here in the physical form to experience the success he has and the notoriety and the accolades that are coming from this creation.

There’s no coming back from what happened. It’s unfortunate.

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