[With the long-awaited “Welcome To JFK” album finally in stores today (August 14), manager/executive producer Biggs talks to SOHH about the importance of fans demanding more music from late rapper Chinx by supporting this release.]

I’ll be honest with you, we could probably do five more projects. The music isn’t the problem. The issue that I deal with everyday is just making sure the music gets to the fans.

What I would say to the fans is if you love him just as much as you say you do, then communicate that to the label so they understand we have to have another Chinx project, we have to have more.

If this project does well, there’s no question they’ll want to do another one. We’re going to do our job. I’m going to make sure the family is straight and his kids and wife.

There’s no questions about that. As long as there is breath in my lungs, they are good. We’re going to make sure the business is taken care of.

I tell all the fans, and I can’t communicate it enough, tweet about it, like it, buy it, request it at the radio because he’s not here to do the traditional things people are able to do.

We would be doing a radio run, we would have multiple videos, we would have shows and tours. We’re going to figure out creative things to do for the fans to keep them engaged but right now, I need all hands on deck.

I need every person that says they’re rocking with him and loves the music to stand up and support him.

Show the people that matter that he was a force to be reckoned with.

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