[Months after the tragic passing of hip-hop pioneer Chinx, the late rapper’s manager Biggs talks to SOHH about keeping his memory alive through his YAY Apparel line.]

You’re walking around with a piece of art. You’re walking around with a piece of Chinx’s legacy. Every person who is a consumer of the YAY brand, they’re carrying on the legacy.

They’re helping us tell the story. Everything that’s been happening, it’s been happening so virally, it’s crazy.

We don’t have million dollar budgets behind anything that you see. It’s literally the relationships and the passion we have for his project and the product that’s been transcending the dollars that normally gets spent in these types of projects and getting right into the bloodline of the consumer and they love it.

So we’re going to continue to feed it to them as much as we possibly can.

To get your hands on Chinx’s YAY Apparel, just click here.